[Welcome!] Greetings everyone!!


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Hey! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm excited to getting to know and help everyone!
I'm and intuitive Empath, light worker, and medium. I was raised in a spiritual family so I've been using my gifts all my life. When I was about 12 I started to assist my mom doing spiritual house cleansings of negative energy and spirits of ALL types (helping spirits crossover, relaying messages, angry, to demonic) most of my experience is dealing with spirits. I LOVE and collect crystals and do crystal therapy, meditation, chakra therapy, and I mentor anyone who needs guidance with their gifts.

A a little about my personal life- I'm married and have the most AMAZING 4 year old boy!! Him and I are super close. My son is VERY gifted as well :)

Kelly Devine

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Hi Jennifer, welcome to the group. And I'd love to learn from you! I know NOTHING of the paranormal community or world. I just learned psychic's are real! So I'm an empathy with other abilities and have been doing readings for 6 weeks now. So any and all help, I'm in!