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I decided to join this group because I'm in desperate need to feel like I belong to a community. So often lately I feel so alone and misunderstood.

Names I go by are Donna and Seamus! *waves*.

Some notes about me,
I'm 29, gender-fluid, polyamorous, pan-sexual.
I'm very magickally inclined. Every bone and cell in my body is connected to the earth and cosmos. I'm an earth pagan and mainly speak to Gaia as my god of comfort.
I see signs, read tarot, commune with other worldly bodies and forces (such as gods, deities), read surface thoughts, receive prophecies, cast protection spells, smudge, bless, am an empath, an old soul on a high number reincarnation, commune with the dead (along with see, hear, touch) , help souls find a resting place, help creatures find their deity, palmestry, auras, numerology, astrology...
I'm sure there is more to list, but you probably get the jist.

I've been losing hope in a lot of things lately, and I know that there is much to live and hope for. I'm surrounded by so much pain and negativity and being an empath it's taking me down with it. Lately I've been in contact with so many people who have no idea what love is or how to treat another creature they meet and it's taking a toll on my soul. I need a recharge on good vibes and positive life and a support group who understands (If only a little) what it's like to have emotions and to live your life in connection to all living things.

Thanks for your time! I hope all of your days are well!
Blessed be!

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