My Protection Rings


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Yesterday I was changing into my bathing suit to go swimming (I normally go swimming when I get home from work) I put my promise ring and my class ring on top of my dresser and pulled out my bathing suit and left. This morning, I looked in the same place about twenty times and then I started to look in the drawers to see if they fallen or on the floor. After I couldn't find them I started to second guess myself and looked in my bathroom (where I leave them sometimes) and I even went down to the pool and couldn't find them. While I was at work all I could do was to keep rubbing where they would normally be (I've worn both rings everyday for a little more than a year and feel deeply connected to them). When I got home I checked the bathroom again and on top of my dresser. I still couldn't find them and gave up. So I began watching a movie and in the middle I got up and I thought "oh I'll just check again and be disappointed" I looked and found both of my rings. I know there hasn't been anyone in the room at all. I feel like it's a sign of some sort, but I honestly have no idea. All I could do when I found them was cry and I've been a little freaked out by the whole incident.

Blessed be [emoji4]


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Someone moved them. Probably trying to get your attention. Hopefully someone friendly. Do you bless your house?

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