Reaction to a Bone


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I noticed there wasn't a thread here, and this was one of the first actual talents that manifested for me. The most interesting experience I've ever had with this came from a trip to my local natural history museum.

Museums are a big draw for me, as I've always had interesting impressions when touching old objects. I went with my friend, telling her it was just for fun (I don't tell many people about what I see and feel), and we enjoyed looking at the mounted dinosaur displays, the fun games for kid visitors, and other things.

There was a large fossilized femur of a massive plant-eater sitting on a low stand. It was one of the few actual fossils in the museum, as most of the displays were fiberglass castings of the real things. The sign said "please touch", and it was positioned nice and low for little hands to feel the stone surface. I gave it a shot too, kind of hoping to feel some dinosaur spirit energy.

Instead it was exceptionally unpleasant. At first, it was calm and curious, but it felt like the longer I held my hand there, the more I became aware of its role in the beast's body. I was impressed with mental images of muscle tissue, cartilage, blood vessels, and a throbbing pressure and pull. I felt nauseous and dizzy for several minutes after letting go of the fossil. I wouldn't touch it again. It could be that, if I held it long enough, I'd feel the beast die and decay. That would definitely make me vomit.

Mostly I pick up elements of the past, or some kind of attached human energy, but this was way different! Anyone else have this happen?