Which Picture is my SO?


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I saw someone do a similar post and so I decided to give it a try [emoji4]
Please state "top left/bottom right" and so forth on your guesses of who my significant other is[emoji4] blessed be

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Lady of Light

The top right, with the glasses, feels really close to you, so i'll make my guess that one. It's a closeness that I can't decide if he's your SO or if he's your brother. :)


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The answer is the guy on the top right (the one with glasses) the other guys are people I have gone to high school with. Me and my SO were friends my sophomore year of high school and then we started dating my junior year [emoji4] me and him are still toughing it out through college[emoji4] I'm extremely happy that most of you guessed right. Congrats and blessed be [emoji4]

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Wow I picked him first but changed my mind because it seemed too perfect. You too compliment each other ��