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Here is some info on Phantom Quartz. There are many colors so I found a page where they list the colors and properties. Someone had a question about Smokey Phantom Quartz, so I put the text in red, so it easier to find.


[h=1][SIZE=+3]Phantom Quartz Archive Crystal Healing Information[/SIZE][/h]​

[SIZE=+2]Phantom Quartz[/SIZE]

[SIZE=+2]Colour: Transparent with colour usually on the inside colour will depend on the type of Phantom Crystal

Area: Worldwide

Appearance: Ghostlike structure within the crystal can be shadowlike.

Structure type: Trigonal with normal Quartz point.


Astrological Signs: Quartz Covers all of the Star Signs but depending on the crystal it is combined with it may be more attuned to the Star Sign that corresponds with that crystal i.e. Amethyst which is associated with Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo.

Phantom Quartz Crystals are powerful Earth healers they stimulate the Earth to repair it's self by recalling what the area was like before the damage occurred allowing for healing to be total and complete. These crystals also help us to put the past into perspective by allowing us to access past lives and also access to the Akashic Records. You would use a Phantom Quartz Crystal to enhance business creativity and also to provide you with inspiration.

These healing crystals prevent stagnation, help to recover repressed memories, move us along the path to self-realization. Phantom Quartz Crystals are wonderful for meditation as the allow us to contact our spirit guides and to communicate with them more easily allow us to ask questions especially those of a personal nature. They awaken a universal awareness in us all. The lower Chakras, Base Charka, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra are all stimulated by Phantom Quartz Crystals they provide us with our inner power enhance vitality and creativity. We are also able to recover suppressed memories using these healing crystals. Clairaudience is also opened up when using Phantom Quartz Crystals, they provide us with growth and evolution and will aid with healing emotionally and physically in all situations.

They also encourage the expression of our thoughts and feelings, help us to understand and accept difficult concepts and to release our anger.

Phantom Quartz Crystals because they are Powerful Healers and they will activate your healing abilities as well as provide the reasons behind illnesses and will also help you to achieve your goals and provide you with that inner glow.

Healing Properties associated with the following crystals:

Amethyst Phantom Quartz Crystals: Allows us to access the plan for our present life that was formed in our pre-birth stage.

Chlorite(Green) Phantom Quartz Crystals: Remove unwanted energy [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]implants
http://www.crystalvibrations.org/crystal healing phantom quartz.html#
http://www.crystalvibrations.org/crystal healing phantom quartz.html#, a very useful crystal for those that are able to access information from the future. Provides strength clarity and inspiration, increases spiritual development.

Black Phantom Quartz Crystals: Grounds physical energy, helps us to accept others for who they are and helps us to cope with difficult situations.

Orange Phantom Quartz Crystals: Stimulates visualization and aids conditions of the spleen.

Pink Phantom Quartz Crystals: Eliminates feelings of abandonment, stimulates the Heart Chakra, and helps you to continue on towards your goals.

Red Phantom Quartz Crystals: This type is especially good for stimulating the lower Chakras, stimulates the intellect providing creativity and intuition.

[/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=+2]Smokey Phantom Quartz Crystals: This crystal allows you to access your soul group and to help identify members of that group, it will also allow you to attract members of your soul group to you in this life.[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]

Yellow Phantom Quartz Crystals: Stimulates the intellect and provides clarity of thought and helps us use the healing powers of the crystals to best of their abilities

Page: Crystal Healing Phantom Quartz|Crystal Healing | Crystal Healing Vibrations | Crystals Healing Information| Crystals and Reiki| Reiki Information

This is what I could find on the different colors, I will post more info later when I have time to find it. :)


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Thanks for this information! Awesome post. She's seated on my window sill at moment waiting for full moon energies. I also was told she's more of a generator stone, although not entirely sure what that means only its to do with crystal healing energies. So that's definitely a positive as I do need to attract the right kind of souls into my life so I will her/him to do that. Many blessings!