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I am a fairly new tarot reader. I have read for myself for at least 6 months. Now I feel I'm ready to start reading for other people.

Info about my service:

I only read the Rider-Waite deck.

Readings can be public or private.

You may request a reading any day of the week, but only if you are the only request that day.

Depending on your question and preference, I can read from a variety of spreads. (including Single Card, 2 Card, 4 Card, Celtic Cross, Past Present Future, Relationship, and Shooting Arrow)

I cross-reference all card meanings with each other. I look for common symbols and hebrew numerology that are present through the spread, as well as that in each individual card as they pertain to their spread.

If you want a reading, request it below, or PM me.

May you walk in enlightenment.
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