I see sadness, crying, lots of tears. A force which is sending you in a certain direction, like forcing to you do something or go elsewhere where you don't really have a choice, you must follow what is being thrown at you. A crossroad, not knowing what to do, which way to turn, how to proceed. I see the need to get things off your chest, to speak up, to voice yourself. I see difficulty charging ahead, not sure whether this is out of fear or if it is physical, but there is what I see as a hard time to take action and get in there and do what you need to, or what you want to. It looks as though it's time to stop relying on others, and just start doing things yourself. You are able to do things on your own just as well as with others, only you don't have the stresses of having to rely on them for what you can do yourself. And finally, I see the fate card. What will be will be. Everything happens for a reason, and what you are going through now is happening for a reason. Go with the flow, and learn as you go, or you will not get out of where you are now, and you will keep repeating it until you learn.