1. J

    [Opinion] My tarot reading

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum as well as to interpreting tarot readings. My question is about my love life and it is this: is a certain guy still thinking about me? Here is the answer I got from my tarot reading. Card 1: The Chariot Card 2: The Empress Card 3: The Hanged Man Card 4...
  2. N


    Can someone do a reading for me? I really would be thankfull if its possible. Thank you
  3. W

    Whats everyone reading now

    As for me haven't been doing that much reading lately. Found that I hardly read any more as well. Have to say do have times like this and others don't. Guess it depends on the book itself as well. Have since decided to stop doing this particular one. Since, I found it got too hard to keep up...
  4. Rosenrot

    May I please have a general reading.

    Thank you. :)
  5. M

    pls help me

    First of all I would like to thank you in advance for reading my post and I really hope you can help me. If I only had the money to pay for a private reading I would do that but right now that's not possible so pls bear with me My family and I are going thru a major financial crisis, we are...
  6. Rosenrot

    I would like a reading please.

    I would like a general reading please and if there is anything I can do in return let me know.
  7. L

    Morphing Pictures

    Does anyone else see pictures of people morphing when reading them? This is happening to me more and more lately, to the point where almost every picture of someone I look at changes. It started out just shifting from the expression in the actual picture, to a completely different expression...
  8. S

    Need Reading please...

    Need a reading please and thanks. Have something following me around house this week. Electronic disturbances abound with strange voice when I am home alone. Did quick banish along with prayers Did it work or should I do something else. Thanks for any help ❤
  9. T

    a Reading please

    Hi I'd absolutely be grateful for a reading.... Anything that sticks out? Please

    Most interesting experience last night

    Hi all I thought I would share a bit about my night last night. I was reading quite a bit about angels since I am constantly surrounded by them and it was during one particular part of the paper I was reading when I stopped mid sentence to listen to what was the most beautiful music coming from...
  11. Rosenrot


    Hi. I am not sure if this is too early. I didn't see any set hours. The reason I would like a tarot reading is so I can see how it is done online. I would like to start reading people online, but don't know how to go about and what spreads to use. So far I only know the Celtic Cross, and the 12...
  12. T

    hi im Terri

    May I have a reading, I'm alive " is this going to be my year"
  13. C

    free reading

    I need to know which direction I should go. Should I stay here or go to family house?
  14. G


    Really need a reading
  15. L

    [Please Read Before You Post!] Rules For Posting For Free Readings

    Rules are as follows, but are not limited to: If you are posting a picture to be read, please only post one picture unless you have been asked to post another one. If you are posting a picture, please try to post a recent picture, and try to make sure the eyes show, and that the picture is...
  16. L

    [Please Read!] Information About Free Readings on Fridays!

    Every Friday we will be offering a chance for members only, to receive a free psychic reading. You MUST be a registered member in order to participate. There are many skilled psychics here as well as some who are learning their skills who are willing to give readings for free. These readings...
  17. L

    [Please Read Before You Post!] What The Practice Readings Are For!

    This is NOT the place to ask for a free reading!!! With that said… This section is for members to post pictures where the answers are already known so that other members can practice their psychic abilities. This not only gives necessary practice, but it helps to build experience, and...