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Hello everyone!! My names Tiffany, i'm from North Carolina. I dont think i have any gifts, i use to think so when i was little. But all of it is very interesting to me and im glad to be here!:eek::love_heart::love_heart::love_heart::love_heart::love_heart::victorious:


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Lady of Light

Hi Tiffany, it's great to have you here!

If you had some abilities when you were little, they are not gone, just perhaps suppressed. And even if you don't have any, that's ok because you're more than welcome to be here and chat and learn. Who knows, maybe something will spark in there and come alive with something to bring whatever you may have back out into the open.

I do suspect you have something, even if you are just a Sensitive (you sense energy and/or spirits around you) or an Empath (you sense and take on other people's emotions and/or physical pain).

Thanks for being part of this place! :) Welcome! :)


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Thank you both! I do believe i may have something but i think throughout my life i've just kind of blocked it out and im not really sure how to unblock it lol, but maybe i'll learn! Nice meeting you two :)