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My name is Brenda I am 47 years old. I have 4 children and 3 step-children. I also have 5 grandchildren. I am not sure on the different names of my abilities but I am sure that I have had them since I was little. My Mother had them but didn't speak of them until I talk to her about mine when I got older and didn't care if people thought I was crazy. My Father made known of his about 2 months before he died and the week before he died he spoke a lot about it and told me he believed me when I would tell him things. My oldest Daughter Jeni has abilities, She uses her frequently and that makes hers stronger than mine. A few years back I had a very terrifying experience one night when I was home alone. Since then I have tried to push my abilities away, or pick and choose what I use them for. Now they are not as strong as they use to be. 2 of my granddaughters have abilities.

Thank you