Hey all.


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Hey all. Lovely to have found you all here. I am 28 years old, female, hailing from Colchester in the UK. I love collecting crystals and gemstones, have an entire crystal family here and also work with the ethereal stones currently to send out positive healing to the Earth and her Homeland. I do read intuitively working with tarot and any other tools that are more focusing tools to work with when they're needed, although often I am told I don't need to use tools, so have to pay attention to that. I do a bit of writing in my spare time, love line dancing too, am very musically aware, with piano being my main instrument. I hear, feel, see spirit from time to time but only connect when they are around to connect, so I'm not open 24/7 else that would be very tiring. I try to make sure my intentions are positive in all the work that I do so that they help people, not hinder them, as definitely believe that that's the best way to be. Oh yep... chose the username Lionessa as I love cats as well of all kinds, but currently am drawn to the lion energies at the moment in this stage of my journey. Still its lovely to be here and posting - hope I've not posted in the wrong place!
(feeling very new! so do forgive me!) :D

Many blessings

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Hi! It's great to have you here! Welcome!

ps. you didn't post in the wrong spot. :) :) and even if you had, it's a simple fix on my end. :)