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I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Eileen. My first psychic experience happened in 1993 on the night my grandpa died, he came to me. I have had my gift since then. I am a dreamer and intuitive psychic. I am just starting working with crystals. I am a Christian and was raised that psychicness is all Devils work. As an adult I take a different approach and thank God daily for my gift and ask him to strengthen it and help me to help others. He obviously gave me this gift for a reason! Thanks for taking time to read my message ❤️

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Welcome to the forum Eileen! It's great to hear that you are embracing your gifts rather than going along with the beliefs of them being wrong! It's great to have you here! :)


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Thank you I have always since a young child been fascinated by the gifts individuals have! I just love to watch as they help others!!! I've never had a reading or anything like that so for me it's just about seeing the amazing things that are possible!

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Hi Eileen! Welcome to the group. I look forward to learning from you! I've only known for about 2 months, and my Mimi (Mother's Mother) came to me in a dream after she passed and it seemed like she was trying to pass on a message that she's very happy now and doesn't suffer. That was all before I knew that what I had WAS a gift...