1. M

    Missing firefighter

    Missing Dallas retired firefighter from Quinlan Tx. Missing person: Michael Chambers Location: Quinlan Tx Date missing: March 10,2017 Information: he was wearing black sweat pants, black tennis shoes and a blue firefighter t-shirt. He wore a hat but it was found in the shop. He went missing...
  2. C

    Missing Person Info - How To Proceed

    Hi All! I need some advice on how to proceed giving information regarding a missing person. I used to do psychic readings on, back around 2003-2007. Pretty much early into doing readings, I got a call from another adviser; she asked if I could describe the person of the picture she...
  3. L

    tea leaves - tasseomancy

    The Art of Tea Leaves - Tasseomancy Seeing into the tea leaves is a form of scrying. This method teaches you a bit about tuning into the energy beyond the leaves. You are using the tool to tune into the aura of the person that you’re drawn to or reading for. You are tuning in to the guidance...
  4. A

    Hello out there!

    Hi! I'm Anika and have an interest spirituality and personal development. I believe I have a gift of insight that is has psychic elements. I hope to develop and refine this skills so that I can be of service to others, helping in healing and evolution of consciousness. I am too shy to read in...
  5. E

    😎hey everyone!

    I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Eileen. My first psychic experience happened in 1993 on the night my grandpa died, he came to me. I have had my gift since then. I am a dreamer and intuitive psychic. I am just starting working with crystals. I am a Christian and was raised that...
  6. K

    Kelly Devine Contact info.

    My name is Kelly Devine (real name) you can text me at 502-682-1633. I have PayPal set up, donations can be made using my e-mail My Professional FB page for Blessings Devine is: I am an...
  7. L

    [Attention] For Those Offering Paid Psychic Related Services

    For anyone who wishes to offer their paid psychic services, such as if you have your own website or business which brings you income offering your psychic services, we now have a section for you to post your links and give a little bit about yourself and what you offer. PLEASE NOTE: Anyone...
  8. D


    Hello all! Nice to be here. I don't think I have any psychic abilities, but I am willing to learn
  9. thought on a wind

    Essential Empathic Survival Toolkit and practices

    There are many resources onsite to help those new to things to learn about empathic abilities, I figured I'd start this thread to discuss what you all consider the essential toolkit for the budding and seasoned empath alike as well as practices. I'll start I suppose. My toolkit: White Sage...
  10. K

    [Awesome!] Psychic Animal's (post pics and stories)

    I have always had a connection to all living animals... How about you?
  11. C

    Hi Everyone

    I am developing my gifts of working with pendulum, psychic, medium, clairvoyant and auto writer, if anyone can send me to the right post to discuss how to develop our gifts I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. K

    I'm PSYCHIC? Indigo WHAT?

    Well, I have always had a 6th sense. My Mom always said I have an entourage of Angels around me. I quit drinking in 97 and since then I have been sensitive to people. Overly sensitive! About 5 yrs ago my BF's fiance' was having open hear surgery to repair a valve on his pace maker, said it would...
  13. Rosenrot

    Favorite Stones or Crystals

    Are there any particular stones or crystals you are drawn to? I am drawn to sodalite and bloodstone. Everytime I go to the rockshop by us, I always look for a rough tumbled piece of Sodalite and Blood Stone. Sodalite: One of the main reasons I am drawn to Sodalite is that I heard it was...
  14. J


    Hello! My name is Jane ... I'm not an experienced psychic...but I have had quite a few moments during what I thought were dreams that I was "told" things that would happen by someone (perhaps my guide) and dreams that have foretold things. I need to learn how to develop my insight and grow with it.
  15. L

    Blood Types and Psychic Abilities

    Gathering information for some research here. I would like to know what blood type you have (with RH if possible), and what psychic abilities you possess. I have noticed that the hands-on healers that I know tend to be type A+, and other psychics, specifically those with premonition and the...

    Hello Everyone

    I was invited to join this site today and am thrilled to be here. First I will explain that I am sight impaired so while I am trying to type regular instead of in caps I might forget and start typing in caps just so I can see what I am saying. Well I am 59 years old, disabled and married for...
  17. L

    [Please Read!] Information About Free Readings on Fridays!

    Every Friday we will be offering a chance for members only, to receive a free psychic reading. You MUST be a registered member in order to participate. There are many skilled psychics here as well as some who are learning their skills who are willing to give readings for free. These readings...
  18. L

    [Please Read Before You Post!] What The Practice Readings Are For!

    This is NOT the place to ask for a free reading!!! With that said… This section is for members to post pictures where the answers are already known so that other members can practice their psychic abilities. This not only gives necessary practice, but it helps to build experience, and...