New at this but fascinated


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I have been a spiritual person my whole life, but not very interested in predicting things - too much anxiety with the possibility of future bad stuff. However, recently, I have developed a renewed interest in psychics/mediums and other spiritual connections, and have been working on meditation, grounding, being more aware. Two things just in the last few weeks have happened, which makes me think my work is starting to pay off!

One, I kept dreaming about a little white dog running around my workplace, and I was trying to catch up to it, and take care of it. A couple weeks later, on one of my days off, my supervisor saw and caught a little white dog, in the location I had been dreaming of it!

Two, I found a little statue made for me by a teenager back when he was a volunteer where I worked and I supervised him/mentored him. He made it for me probably 15 years ago, and I've only seen him a few times since. He showed up at my workplace a few days later and asked my supervisor if I was around!

What predictions have you all made that came true?
Both very amazing!

I have a tendency to forget because things happen so often, but this one I remember because of WHEN it happened, and I wasn't fully aware of my abilities at the time...

I was in highschool, grade 11. My Law class had a field trip to the courthouse to watch a case, and it was an all-day trip. I was worried the night before because I didn't know where to find the McDonald's to go for lunch. I knew it was not far from the courthouse downtown, but I really didn't know my way around that area, so me, panicky, anxiety-ridden and clueless, took a nap after school and had a dream. In the dream, it told me the exact location of the McDonald's, showed me, and told me street name. When I woke up, I said something to my mom, and she said, that's where it is. Freaked me out. And so that next day, on the field-trip, was able to get there no problem. But I had no clue prior to that.

It got to a point in the last 10 years that I will get a name or a word stuck in my head out of nowhere, and the next thing you know, within anywhere from minutes to hours, to a few days, it would make sense who or what because it would come up somewhere for me to see.

These things happen to me so often that it is more normal than not, so I really don't make a mental pinpoint to remember each one. It's nice when it happens though. Of course, I have yet to experience a death one, so, so far, they're great like that.
Lady of Light, thanks for sharing! I think I also get other things but they seem "normal" so I don't pay that much attention to them, or I forget them! I am a very vivid dreamer, usually having more than one dream at night. It does seem that I get information to help with my life, not necessarily a prediction, through my dreams. :)
absolutely! I find that the more vivid the dream, the more of a message is in there, regardless of what it is. i also have very vivid dreams. a lot of times, my dreams will be what I call "experiences". Not quite astral travel, but definitely not a dream either. And not always myself, and if i AM myself, i can inhabit someone else, take them over. very strange. but interesting.

and i think that's part of the whole psychic gig, the things that are just "normal" for us aren't normal for most people, and really, that's the part that baffles me. I'm getting used to it, and being able to tell the difference, but yes, very normal, so it's hard to track it all.