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Hello All,

I look forward to meeting all of you, I was referred through a post on a reading site on FB.

I just recently finally confirmed that I believe I am an empath. However, I really don't know what the heck I'm doing. All i know is that I can hear someone read a book, be watching or talking to someone and I can hear the words they speak at the SAME time they speak in my head... Whatever that means. I'm still really confused by it and unsure where to go from here..

So any advice would be appreciated, feel like I'm walking around in circles.

Other than that I've been interested in the paranormal my whole life and have pretty much watched every ghost hunting show and movie that out there.
Yep folks she's a weirdie.
Lol anyway hope to talk with you all soon,

Hi Cobbytown. :) Nice to have you here!

It sounds like you are telepathic. That can be a wonderful skill to have, yet can be quite irritating at the same time. Same thing with being an Empath.

And hey, you're no more weird than anyone else. It's what being a psychic is about, lol! :)