Would You Buy A House If You Knew It Was Haunted?

Would you buy a house if you knew it was haunted?

  • Yes

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • No

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  • Maybe

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Doesn't Matter

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Lady of Light

I totally would. Not necessarily if it was harmful spirits and i had my children there, but just talking me, and maybe my husband, ya, totally!


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Sure I would consider buying a house that is haunted. Spirits seem to find me no matter where i live so might as well make it interesting. Hum I can almost feel all the sleepless nights now with spirit wanting to talk all night long - it could even be enlightening :eek:


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It depends. If the ghosts were friendly and don't mind coexisting with the living , then sure. However if they listen to Justin Bieber I am out of there!


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Agree with Rosenrot. The ghosts would need to be friendly and know not to scare me because I'll drop like a fly lol


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It depends if have to spend enough time there to know if it would give me an uneasy feeling or if it would be a comfort...

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If there was a good connection between me and the house like I could see myself living there then yes i would. If it felt like a not so good connection or no feeling from it then no. Houses do contain a lot of energy be it the landscape that they are on or emotional energy within the house itself. Here in Colchester in the UK there is a lot of energy from the landscape as it used to be celtic ground before Romans built on it. Soooo a lot of energy there is here even in the landscape. I'm not sure how that is for every house though but I'd soon be able to tell if the house wasn't for me if when looking at it as you can ask for permission from the house to enter it. Sometimes if the house doesn't want you or you aren't supposed to be there then then you'll know just by instincts or intuition I think.


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This is an intriguing thread. The other night I was shown in a visual/vision an old house that needed help. I think it was a past life thing however I'm not sure if it was haunted, though. And I don't mean help in the sense that angels were able to help it but it just needed the emotional clearing. But like it was misunderstood or a lot of negativity happened there; consisting of Emotional Energy like Fear. I don't think it was lived in now, though. So I asked its energies to release the fear emotional energy and let go of the energies that were causing it harm, which it did, released to earth. I then cut my cords as I knew I wasn't welcomed within the house or near the fountain which was what I was drawn too at first. And the shift in my energies changed so much that I was finally able to get some sleep without feeling afraid. I'm not sure why I was shown it just that something needed to be done to release the emotional feeling that just upon looking at the house conjured. Today I feel much freer in terms of airiness in energy so I guess that house had been hindering my energies somehow. Just may need to remember to release and decut cords from buildings as well as people as you can do that as well, you know.
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