Hello Everyone


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I was invited to join this site today and am thrilled to be here. First I will explain that I am sight impaired so while I am trying to type regular instead of in caps I might forget and start typing in caps just so I can see what I am saying. Well I am 59 years old, disabled and married for 34 years now. I have known for many years that I had gifts but with help from my mother in law who is psychic I have learned quite a lot more. I don't think I will ever stop learning and am at times like a sponge soaking in every bit of information that I can. With help and guidance from all of you here I am sure I will grow in leaps and bounds and since I am all about helping others maybe some day I can in turn help some of you here.

Lady of Light

A great big HELLO to you!! :) Glad you could be here! No matter how much we grow into our abilities, there's always room to learn more. Always! Welcome to the site! :)