hi im Terri

Lady of Light

Aside from the loss of a man that I see right off the bat here, I would say yes, this is going to be your year. :)

So we start with the loss of a man, this could be death, divorce, break-up, anything that would cause a man to not be there anymore. This leads to much communication, over a period of time. then it feels like something is clawing it's way at you, just really trying to get you good. Then, what looks like a forced move. Something that forces you to either actually move to another home, or changes the direction in your life. Either way, it is something that is beyond your control. A crossroad. You end up at some point at a place where you don't know what do do anymore. Lost, but seeing the paths that are available. After that crossroad is past, it's looking way up from there. I see a massive spike in strength, courage, and ability. I see pressing forward, and charging into the light, all good things. I see you prepared to handle anything that crosses your path.

so, although you go through some roughness, once that passes, it looks pretty good from there. More than pretty good, I'd say it looks better than ever before! :)