Hi, I'm Tom

thought on a wind

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I decided to jump from the Facebook page to this forum, if you read my post over there about missing my Dr Seuss reading, that's me. I'm a non traditional solitary eclectic pagan with taoist leans, am a certified level 3 reiki practitioner, work with energies that I have come to find out I used used to be a master of in previous lives. I'm sporadically psionic, and when not shielded heavily, am extremely empathic. I was told I was an indigo last year, but I don't know how much stock in that I put. Suffice Suffice to say, I usually learn or remember things things backwards to forwards, sort of read books last if at all. This screen name has been mine since 2002. I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting, but I'm sure you all don't need a biography, namaste!

Kelly Devine

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Hay Tom, I've followed your threads over on FB, I'm intrigued! I'm a cert. MT didn't believe in psychic's until my 1st "real" personal experience 2 months ago and well, seeing IS beliving! Nice to meet a fellow healer!