[How to:] How to Start a Thread on the Windsor Tarot Forum

Lady of Light

How to Start a Thread:

Threads (sometimes called posts), are relatively easy to start.

First, decide where you want to post. Try to choose the most appropriate forum (area) to post in.

Once you've decided where you want to post, and you've clicked through to that forum, you will see a "Post New Thread" button near the top/middle left of the screen. Click it.

By clicking "Post New Thread", a screen with a text box will open for you to post what you want to say.

Thread prefix is optional, you don't need to select anything here if you don't want to, but alternately, you can if you want. A thread prefix shows up at the beginning of your title and helps to bring attention to what you have posted.

Next, the title. Title your thread accordingly. If you want to get others to discuss what you have posted, then you want to make sure they know what your thread is about. If they don't, then they might overlook it.

Type your message in the text box. All posts must be a minimum of 10 characters long; each smiley counts as one character.

You can use smiley's on the side. There is a "[More]" link under the side smiley's which has many more to choose from. You can also click the smiley face above the post text box that you are typing in. Please note, that when you are in the "more" for the smiley's, a separate window opens with the smiley's, and each smiley that you click on in that box will be entered into your post even though you will not be able to see it until you close the smiley window.

You can also choose to post a picture into your thread. If you are on a computer, you can do this by clicking (above text box) on the little square that looks like it has a tree in it.

On a mobile device, use the paperclip next to the smiley face. Tap "Add Files" on the top right. Tap "Choose File" in the drop-down menu. You will be shown a menu to choose where to get your picture from. Select your picture, and click "Upload". Make sure the picture shows up under the "Attachments" box at the bottom, and that there is a checkmark in the corner showing it is selected. Now tap "Insert Inline", this will turn to a 0 if you've hit it correctly. Then hit "Done". This will take you back to your post text box and your picture should be there.

For video attachments, you can just post a link to the video, or you can use the filmstrip that looks like a window next to the picture insert (tree) button. This will allow you to share videos that are hosted elsewhere. Please do not directly upload your videos here! Use YouTube or other video service and link to them!

Once your done, click "Submit Thread" and now your thread/post is viewable publicly and ready for comments or discussion.

Click or tap on the picture to make it full screen, once it's posted.

If you need to edit, or make changes to your post/thread, you have a time limit of 2 hours, so if you do not make corrections within that time, then you can post corrections as a reply. If it's something that absolutely NEEDS to be changed after the time limit is up, please contact one of the admins. Most corrections won't need admins.

For editing click the "edit post" link under your post. This will bring you to the basic editor. If you wish to use the same editor as when you posted, then simply click "Go Advanced" next to "Save" at the bottom of your post. Once you are done making changes, click "Save" and your done.

Pooja roy

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