Energy sensitivity

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Just wondering how many out there are energy sensitive. Or, more accurately, are hyper energy sensitive. My meaning is when it gets strong enough where you physically feel energy fields etc. I started out energy sensitive and it just grew from there. After my first reiki attunement, it skyrocketed. I would be more appreciative of the new level of sensitivity, however, it was born at a time a psychic vamp (the unethical type not the ethical feeders mind you) who sucked me dry repeatedly. Made it hard as hell to break the ties, but I was finally able to, just in time for a tussle with a psychic parasite of some sort, which, although it's removed I believe, the pain from that 6 month long encounter is still persistent years down the road.

I suppose I'm asking this because I'm part curious as to if others have a high sensitivity and also, if so, if you've ever had a similar experience regarding the pain portion.
I guess i could consider myself energy sensitive, I do sense not only people, but things, and have a general feel of the world in its entirety, all the people in it, all the time. Never had the experience with what you've described (that i'm aware of). I can't even talk to someone online without feeling what they are feeling. For example, I got very tipsy from someone in Finland who was having wine during a conversation I was having with her. I fall asleep talking to people who haven't slept in days. I'm aware of the animals, and the trees, and how they feel. So, i would put me for sure at energy sensitive.
I'm also energy sensitive. I have been hurt by it before, mostly migraines, inability to concentrate, and violent emotional swings when energies are either very high or highly negative. There have been different types of energies that hurt different ways...

I do relate to you in the sense I have had some people enter my life that have seriously fed on my empathy and energy sensitivity. Breaking ties was terrible and left me vulnerable.