[Question?] Energy thing on my hand

thought on a wind

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I've had this weird energy orb like mechanism on my palm for a long time, that seems like a construct or interface of some sort. Been trying to figure out what it is for a while, but it still puzzles me. I can feel it physically. Anybody have an insight?


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what exactly do you mean? like you create orbs with your palm? i don't see anything in the picture, nothing strikes me there. maybe someone else can see something, but i can't.
It's an energy formation of some sort, not physically visible in the picture I don't believe I'm creating it, it feels sort of like a chakra I suppose. It sort of manifested during a time in my life when I was doing intense energy work and self discovery. I should've been a bit more descriptive. Been trying to figure out its purpose, as in what it is and why but have been stumped on the figuring.
I had to ask, because from what i'm getting from what you say, reminds me of when i make energy balls. I've even taught my kids to do it as well. They form in the palm of the hand, and can be used for man different things. So, it makes sense when you say it started when you were doing energy work.
Hello Thought on a wind i was reading the posts and when i saw your picture i felt compelled to click on it and blow it up and as soon as i did someone told me to tell you it is a LIFE TREE. I am sorry I don't know what this is but whoever told me to tell you this was very sure. I hope this helps and now I will try to find out what a life tree is
I was just thinking if it's an energy ball, what if you were to use it to heal someone instead? Like reiki but 70x's stronger. Are you a healer?