Reading please and thank you :)

Oiche Angel

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My question today is will the program I am looking into that has orientation on the 8th pan out into the eventual goals I strive for including a job and college? Thanks in advance guys :)

Oiche :):)
Sorry, I wasn't able to get to reading you until now, so I missed the timeline for your question. However, I decided to read for you anyhow. What I did was my Important Message(s) reading, to show what you need to know right now.

Here is what I was shown:

Sleep is not happening. You plan everything out as fully as you can without taking any chances. You are too bold, too head-strong, trying too hard. Allow the strangeness around you to happen, because in that strangeness there is more going on to help you than you think. You can do much alone, without the aid of others. Don't be afraid to head out in a new direction, to forge ahead on a new path.
*chuckles* true that on sleep and no worries on response :) sitting here 2 am lol and i am very bold and headstrong its been getting me this far so far and im scared to lay off in case i miss something :/ the strangeness is a venture i have crossed before and been left floundering if it is the one i think you are speaking of and would rather not flounder again and for the last bit yeah definitely going for it despite the fact im heading into nightmarish deserts i swore id never traverse again but it is needed to get me into this program :) thank you for the reading hun :)