May I please have a general reading.

Susie Bokar

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We can tell others so much but when it comes to ourselves. ...nothing!
think I can help if you are still interested. I am Empath Medium... post a recent pic so I can get focused. Ty!


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I don't know if this request has already been completed but I will try and tune in Rosenrot, if it hasn't... would you prefer it sent privately or is it ok to post it via the thread?
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Well if its alright Rosenrot, I'm gonna post it here because the computer won't let me save the file so my computer freezes, its gone. And we don't want that to happen! So I hope that's okay :) Please know I'm only learning. Take what you can and leave the rest. Let me know if any of it resonates. PS. It might be a touch paragraph-y in places but I hope it makes sense.

Rosenrot - I'm being shown a soft pink colour in your energy, also golden colours and silvery white, there are also feelings of sky blue as well.

with this comes a scene of the golden full harvest moon, and a sense that you have been stressing over a situation that has come much too close to home
for your liking, this has taken place within the last few weeks up to a month or so and is on-going, you have been asking for help with this situation as feeling there is some form of distrust being queried within you, like you are or have been questioning yourself over the way you've been feeling emotionally, there is a decision also that your heart has been faltering over too, don't falter but trust you've made the right choice, and in some ways its like you have been struggling to find your voice with communicating your feelings across in how you want it to be said, those feelings which are on your mind, you are being urged to say them with tact so that the words themselves don't hinder anyone else in the process.

that's where the pink energy is coming in to soothe the energies of your soul and the situation the feeling is it was someone that came in too close for your liking on an old friendship link its like you are parrying your way between sidestepping conflicts with this person, a lot of caution taking place like you are on one wavelength and this person is on another. but please understand that the healing is bringing forward gentle vibrations of communication that is encouraging you to speak true from your heart and listen to your heart's word so that you can trust yourself to not let you down, either way the protection from the divine is surrounding you and the situation too, so that no further doubtful energies can hinder your progress even further. you also have a connection with the Moon, Spirit, and the divine feminine. there is protection around you and your home space so that no harm may come to you while you are working and on your path. also feel that you've been clearing out the old to make room for the new, and the moon energies are helping you to clear the old friendship and moving the vibrations further away and out of your life so that you no longer have to deal with the doubtfulness of your own integrity or intention while on the path.

(as you also requested a tarot read in previous post(s) I hope its ok to draw a few cards for you - these fell out of the deck).

Ok. The first card of the day (from the ole deck sirian starseed tarot) Is Starseed.... now this card is showing a window has opened for you on this path that you are walking along, its showing that you have had some heart-related burdens that have been on your mind, which has led you to questioning your path's direction and the beliefs that you believe, but also, not only that, its showing a deep overwhelming sensation of LOVE and pure divine LIGHT is pouring down through you from the stars, entrancing your connection to the stars and the night sky. you also feel restlessness a bit at night at the moment as your body and conscious mind is downloading the universal information to you in your dreams, and through your astral, shamanic journeyings. this is a healing time for you in your path that opening yourself up to this column of light would help you immensely retain your personal strength and true sense of energy that has been sealed while you are worrying over the littler problems. Have you ever heard of the phrase A problem shared is a problem halved? Well, this is the phrase that is being brought forward with this energy vibration that's coming forward. And as long as you are open to receiving this overwhelming feeling of love that the universe has to offer for you, you know that deep down in your heart, on ward to finish your mission, your soul can continue your journey.

Next card: Three of Crystals: Triad is the word that stands clear today for you. The power of 3, so if you have also been seeing threes lately it is definitely a sign of confirmation for you that angels are with you. The three is significant of the Trinity, and this is your friendship with the Divine. High Powered intentions and lots of luminosity is with you on your journey, passion and courage and drive, you have got in spades. Your knowledge of crystals - there is also a new direction opening up there for you along with an opportunity in the making. you have a tendency to sparkle in the limelight, too, but there's a feeling of also back in your distant past of not being keen of being in the spotlight, and that you had a tendency to shy or hide yourself away perhaps for fear of what others' thought of you, but you are being asked to not worry about judgement as those of wise characters will know not to judge as its best not to judge a book by its cover.

Next card: Nine of Flames: there's a sense of rushing everywhere like you're not getting enough done when time is running out or ticking away, your heart knows what's best for you and is asking for you to take time out and scent the roses, this could be connected to work, rather than spiritual work, take a deep breath and be still for a few moments as it will help to calm your busy mindset, thoughts are whirling up to the surface of your mindset, you are very empathetic as well, but a new gift is also opening up for you in a matter of days, perhaps under the light of the Harvest Moon where you feel the most strongest connection working with this particular moon energies.

Last card... the lovers card........ often significant of a relationship around you, or a joint soul partnership........but in some ways this card is also asking you to love yourself and nurture yourself, so that you can give your soul the nourishment that its needing to part on your journey of inner growth. feels significant as am being drawn to the sunset in the card, so a new chapter has concluded but another doorway and a new beginning is materializing into your life. Positive opportunities are headed your way, lady luck is also with you. With the right timing manifesting in your life everything is happening in the way and pace that's naturally right for you. If its meant to be TRUST it will happen.

Thank you Rosenrot for your energies today. I hope this gives you peace of mind and helps in some way.

Peaceful blessings