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The Art of Tea Leaves - Tasseomancy

Seeing into the tea leaves is a form of scrying. This method teaches you a bit about tuning into the energy beyond the leaves. You are using the tool to tune into the aura of the person that you’re drawn to or reading for. You are tuning in to the guidance from the consciousness of the universe either psychically or spiritually and presenting it to them. If you are learning or just starting out sometimes the tea leaves can be a good tool to work with as they are quite easy to look at the formation of the shapes.

Usually its best if you go with what you are sensing or feeling about them in relation to what you see visually within the formation of the leaves. So state your intention first. ‘I would like to read the leaves for this person >insert name here< to convey across any psychic messages across from the outer world to the sitter. If any message would like to make itself known please do so via the leaves or forever hold your peace.’ Thank you. Visualise yourself stepping into a beautiful dazzling white or golden bubble. This is your protection. Invite your main or your reading guide to join you by saying or thinking by asking ‘please join me inside this bubble while I work without ego to present sitter with a practice reading using the tea leaves, thank you’. Ground yourself by using roots, if you don’t know how to ground, look in the previous meditation that was posted.

Now. What you need is a tea and saucer, preferably white inside. Or a mug and a plate. You will need milk if you have milk in your tea, your favourite brand of tea leaves, kettle and water. Boil the water in the kettle. Place a tea-spoonful of leaves in the bottom of your cup. When the water is boiled, pour it over the leaves until middle of the cup. Pour in cold water half way nearly to the top so that it stops about an inch or so before the brim. Then add the milk. Drink your tea with your sitter in mind. When you get down until you have just about a mouthful left of tea in close distance to the leaves, turn the cup carefully onto the plate so as not to make a mess and Turn the cup around 3 times. Leave the cup to stand for 3 minutes or however long you are drawn.

When the three minutes is up, you have the reading in front of you. Look at the formation of the leaves to discern if you can see any shapes or rotations within them. To ascertain the shapes or the formation of the shapes, try remote reviewing by tuning into the energy of the cup. Visualise the contents of the cup in your minds’ eye, see yourself going beyond the cup and beyond the contents of the leaves so that you can determine the messages within for the sitter. Allow the information to flow. Feel the flow of information coming to you as you focus, the words filter through your mind as either just words or feelings or impressions and as you type out what you feel in relation to the cup for the sitter, when you finish, remember to give thanks for the energies that have helped to convey messages across today.

This is a method of tea leaf reading that anyone can use!

Just wanted to post this method I found in my folders, hope it is helpful to anyone!