Most interesting experience last night


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Hi all I thought I would share a bit about my night last night. I was reading quite a bit about angels since I am constantly surrounded by them and it was during one particular part of the paper I was reading when I stopped mid sentence to listen to what was the most beautiful music coming from around my head. It sounded like a thousand voice male choir chanting kind of Gregorian like - it lasted for almost a half hour and then slowly slipped away as simply as it came. I was left with the most peaceful feeling that lasted the rest of the night and onward into daylight. I so love my angels:exclamation:
That is amazing! I met my Angel in 97 when I was about to take my own life, I saw the tips of her wings come down around me and instead of doing the dead. I called for help. But now I'm trying to learn the names of my guides. I've been reading Sylvia Browne's book on Spirit Guides, I don't know if it's the name of my guide or my angel but I get Ariel. I have heard her one time, it was about 2 months ago when I was doing one of my 1st readings ever. Well this guy seemed to have a demonic force attached to him and looked as if it was trying to come out of his pic / face. I head the guy say "you aien't got nothing on me bitch" and just then I heard her wings flap out behind me as if protecting me. It sounded like when you put clean sheets on a bed! I felt loved, protected and very shocked!
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Thank you for you have shared your experience here. I also feel my angel. Angel guides good suggestion.:):):)