I would like a reading please.

Lady of Light

It appears that you are somewhat unhappy, and are at a crossroad right now. That decision on what to do, where to do, which road to take, it's as if you already know, but just need confirmation. You know which way, so go with your instincts. Around you, I see stability, unmoving, solid, secure, contemplation, but again, you already seem to know your answers, yet you still sit and contemplate. Not sure what this communication is, but it appears that there is something that is unable to be discussed confidently between 2 individuals. And change, big change, something massively changing. Can't see for good or bad, but it doesn't appear to be bad. Now, onto the past,present,future aspect... I see the tables turning, the "balance of power" as I call it, is shifting. Negativity, fear, anxiety, darkness, or a person with those qualities, is going away, no longer there. Sadness also is leaving, the crying appears to be done. But after it all, it turns out that you are still not able to shed it all and be completely free of that which has/had you confined.

I ask nothing in return except for you to continue doing what you're doing, helping out and posting! Thank you for the offer, though! :D


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Thank you so much. :) I was wondering about how to start going towards that change last night. This morning after I said goodbye to Tom as he went to work, I checked facebook. A director of the art program at the college, that I got my degree from, posted something that I am interested in. He posted a call for drawings for an art gallery, for an exhibit. It is a juried show. I am going to try for that. I told Tom he should try out for it too, since his drawings are amazing. Our first Christmas together he gave me a drawing of a dragon done in his style. I love it :) and have it hanging by my desk. Thanks again.